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Confessions of an

Immigrant to Canada


At the Drumheller Museum circa 1980's,with

'The Father of Lies.'

Morrison Hall looking toward Xavier Hall old building
by Patrick 'X' Walsh, 1963.

Courtesy of internationally
acclaimed political cartoonist
for the Halifax Herald,
Bruce MacKinnon.

Pat and Jacqueline



Confessions of an Italian, Irish-Catholic, American Immigrant to Canada 

Saint and/or Sinner

In today's world, how in the hell do you tell TRUTH from LIES?

This guy spent his life trying to figure it out.

Is he a SAINT or a SINNER? 


How could he be a good boy and a bad boy at the same time?

The TRUTH is what is. FICTION is not reality–but it can help us to see the TRUTH through stories, e.g.,
The Boy Who Cried Wolf. 

LIES deceive, for evil purposes, and for good purposes. But what happens when what we think is the TRUTH turns out to be a LIE?

In his ninth decade, the author, who has spent his life creating FICTION to examine TRUTH, decided to write the story of his life, truthfully. But, in the process of examining his life–his prayers, works, joys and sufferings–he discovers it becomes more and more difficult to distinguish the TRUTH from the LIES. And the chief insights into the reality of a life he thought noble, his FICTION–often in the form of dreams–reveals his true nature as a failure in his professed faith–until a good woman shows him the way out of his dark forest. 

The Documentary Nature of this Confession

If I were writing an ordinary autobiography, I would look back over my 82 years of life experience and filter my life through my current state of sensibility. However, you will find herein all documents as originally presented. No document has been altered in its language, other than type face and layout or omission of a redundant item. [One exception to this declaration to be TRUTHful is the omission of a spiritual notebook of my youth with intimate prayers that are egregiously emotional, which prudence and pride demand that I keep between me and my Maker.]

Normally looking back, I would have the tendency to edit some of the youthful and other less graceful documents–in light of my hopefully more mature state of mind. But I feel that by letting these documents stand in their original state, readers will have a more accurate and, I hope, more truthful and interesting time, seeing the interaction of TRUTH.FICTION.LIES. developing. I have opted to use American spelling rather than English spelling, for the primary audience is in North America.

When I was in high school I came across Klara Roman’s book on handwriting analysis. I could see in my own handwriting my ego, flamboyance, and curiosity. Further, my writing revealed that everything that happens to me sinks into my memory and becomes a permanent part of my personality. Witness that one of the closing documents of this book relates an incident that happened to me some 79 years ago! The journey though these miscellaneous documents will reveal the intersecting of TRUTH.FICTION.LIES. in one life.     


How to order your copy today

Yes. That’s the word. Passion. Pat is passionate about everything. About sports, about literature, about teaching students, about hitting me in the neck with a handball, and about his friends.
Pat has been a friend of mine for over thirty years, and I am delighted to have this opportunity to promote his latest book: TRUTH.FICTION.LIES.: Confessions of an Italian-Irish-Catholic-American  Immigrant to Canada. 
Sheldon Currie, author of "The Glace Bay Miners' Museum" made into the film "Margaret's Museum," winner of six Canadian Genie awards including Best Canadian Motion Picture of 1996.

"What a magnificent and wonderfully human narration!" 
John Alonzo Dick, PhD, STD, Historical Theologian, Leuven.


November 15, 2019 - 3:30 pm

You are invited to a Book Launch for my autobiography: TRUTH.FICTION.LIES: Confessions of an Italian, Irish-Catholic, American Immigrant to Canada.  Just below is a link which will give you the complete information on the catered event, at St. Mary's University with free parking!


The link provides a green button to register so we will know how many people to prepare for. 

Click on the link and it will direct you to the event.    


EventBrite Link: 


Hope to see you there.

Order your copy today

To contact us and purchase the book, click on the link:

World-wide: Click on the link to FreisenPress Bookstore

In Antigonish: The St. F.X. Bookstore

In Calgary: The St. Mary's University Book Store, Shelf Life Books, The Owl's Nest



“If we would learn from each other, life would not be the hell we complain about when things do not go our way. But here is yet another chance we have – Pat and Jackie (omnipresent, but too shy to claim more than implicit recognition) are giving us a telling confession. Those who might miss the opportunity will never know how their generosity changed the life of many, including their own. “time is still alive of moments glowing bright” – this verse alone is, in these days of gloom, a gift not to be ignored. Blessed are those who find wisdom in their testimony about life.”

Prof. Dr. Mihai Nadin, Univeristy of Texas in Dallas, Ashbel Smith University Professor.; https://www.anteinstitute.orgGoogle Scholar


“What a magnificent and wonderfully human narration!”

John Alonzo Dick – PhD, STD, Historical Theologian, Leuven


“Dear Patrick, thank you for taking me on this journey of your life: great moments and difficult ones, with enough pain and laughter to sustain us. Anyone could envy you the friends and places you’ve experienced, so it’s a great ride to follow you page by page."

Frank Canino - Director, actor, teacher and dramaturg with 80 awards and citations for scripts. His drama The Angelina Project, was produced in a film version: Looking for Angelina.

Other works by Patrick 'X' Walsh


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Mad Shelley, winner of the 1977 Dominion Drama Festival of Canada

Louisbourg and Growing Up in Louisbourg Playwrights’ Union of Canada

Marriage a la Chaucer Playwrights’ Union of Canada

Splits, award in the Sergei H. Frankel playwriting competition, U. of Chicago        

Bible Vigil for World Peace, winner, performed in Festival of Religious Art, Sacramento, CA


Thecla’s Choice, National Film Board of Canada & Teled Corporation  

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